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Stefano Gentili

Portfolio Manager
Always up for interesting conversations, open-minded and science driven. Stefano personally loves to have conversation with individuals about their journey, be it how they founded their start-up, or what drives them forward in their everyday life. Being raised in a multilingual environment, with mixed roots from different countries, there are no boundaries. Passionate about technology and science since a very young age, he defines himself as the geeky detail-oriented guy: power to the nerds! Taking on the role of Portfolio Manager at Gateway Ventures allows him to engage with incredible founders on a daily basis and interact with expert investors – value can be created and knowledge can be transferred – the perfect storm!
Start-ups analysed

Stefano's FAQs

What do you like most about your work?
The various insights from great individuals and upcoming technologies. When working in VC, it is like having the possibility of getting a glimpse into the future – what standards will be re-defined, and what challenges will be solved next – definitely an exciting part of the job!
What would you do if you’d not be working at Gateway Ventures?
Would be a professional chef in a modern restaurant or a food photographer travelling the world with my trusty camera and being hungry 24/7.
What advice would you give to your younger self?
I would tell my younger self to learn to discern between what really adds value in life, and what doesn’t – and pursue those things that have a positive contribution: books, novels, poems, art and philosophy – enrich yourself!