Gateway Ventures

Abdelhalim Emara

Head of Marketing
Short Description of yourself: Marketing All Rounder with more than 6 years of Startup and Corporate experience. With my strong technical background and my creativity, I am capable of having the perfect hybrid role in Marketing. Before primeCROWD I founded Creative Eagles, a digital agency based in Vienna, and expanded it to Egypt. Other than that I worked as a Digital Marketing Specialist & Growth Hacker in Eversports and as a Digital Customer Experience and Digital Marketing Consultant at Deloitte. Additionaly I am a certified SCRUM Master, Project Manager, Google Suite Manager, and Salesforce Admin.
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Abdelhalim's FAQs

What is your greatest skill?
I would say my greatest skill is being super adaptive. I can be thrown in any situation and quickly analyse it, find the required skills and measures needed, learn and adapt them to solve the situation. Having a skill like that makes me a key player in any team I am in.
Why Gateway Ventures?
Well, working for 2 years in a big corporate like Deloitte has shown me the more structured and established way of working in a big company, and I found out that it doesn’t really suit me. So when I was looking for a new opportunity, I had a better vision of my own future and a set of criteria my new Employer will have to meet for me to join their team. And to be honest, Gateway Ventures just ticked all the boxes.
What advice would you give to your younger self?
Don’t be afraid to take more risks, that is the only way you will learn and advance your skills and life experiences.