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Georg Weber

As the COO, Georg’s responsibility lies in helping the team execute the strategy to make startup investment accessible to everyone. In the Viennese start-up ecosystem, he’s engaging as a mentor at different accelerators, and is sometimes asked to lecture at the Vienna University for Economics and Business. Prior to Gateway Ventures, he was the first employee at leanogy, a start-up tasked with bringing process excellence eLearning online. Other than that, he had a short stint in with Accenture and worked at the institute of entrepreneurship & innovation. In my studies in Austria and the US, I focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, where I also researched the effects startup ecosystems had on 18,000 startups across the US and the DACH region. Privately, he’s been selected by the US Embassy as one of 20 participants for a start-up ecosystem exchange to Austin, Texas.
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Georg's FAQs

When did you first come into contact with the start-up scene?
I wanted to become an entrepreneur ever since I was 16, so this was the time when I started to indulge myself in this topic. I’m fascinated by the ability we have in today’s world to create something out of nothing, and my personal passion is to help both, those who dare to create and those who dare to invest.
The biggest benefit of start-up investment?
I always feel like I’m able to get a look into the future. Some startups will literally be the big movers tomorrow, and we’re able to see, invest and support them in their first years. In no other asset class can you be so “close” and potentially have such a big impact on the business than with startup investments.
Why Gateway Ventures?
For me, it constitutes the perfect combination of being able to build and invest. When you’re in a typical startup, you’re mostly only building. In a typical VC, you mostly invest. Our entire team needs to combine both aspects in most of their work. I can now only speak for myself when I say that I feel very grateful to be in a position where I can work with amazing founding teams and brave investors every day.