Gateway Ventures

Lin Liu

Investment Manager
“Jack of all trades, master of some” Probably describes me the best. Even though I was trained as an engineer, my natural curiosity has led me to experience all kinds of places and disciplines – from engineering to finance to Sinology and startups. I really enjoy nerding out on specific topics, but I could never see myself sticking to only one topic. This also translates to my current position as Investment Manager at Gateway Ventures. Not only am I taking care of the entire deal cycle, but also all of our internal investment processes and the development of our investing platform.
Start-up Investments
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Lin's FAQs

What makes you trust a startup enough to give them your money?
In one word: Team. Inherently, trust can only be built via relationships. If the founders are not trustworthy, nothing else matters.
What would you do if you’d not be working at Gateway Ventures?
I would probably travel the world.
When did you first come into contact with the start-up scene?
I had the honour to join a startup boot camp in Austin (Texas) a few years ago. That’s how my curiosity for startups developed, and I’ve been fascinated ever since.