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Stefan Köppl

Prior to my career in Venture Capital, I co-founded the company Indiecampers in Portugal and worked in management consulting (M&A/Restructuring). I started working in VC as an investment manager for a reknown Fund in Austria, with a focus on Seed to Series A financing, where I also served as a board member of several startups and accelerators in Austria and CEE I enjoy teaching topics around Venture Capital / Private Equity at several universities and published several papers in peer reviewed journals about the venture capital industry.
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Stefan's FAQs

What do you think is key in finding and selecting the best performing early-stage deals?
Look behind the facades and don’t just be dazzled by a cool story. It is best to look where others are not looking. In the early phase, the selection process is primarily about finding out why exactly this founding team should be successful on the market. In addition, you should also look at the target market, does it have a certain momentum and does the product have an advantage over the competition?
What makes a good investor in early-stage companies?
Investors should be there for their start-up in good times and bad. Especially in difficult times, founding teams need their investors; in good times, they should stay in the background and not steal the founders’ thunder.
What work-related experience are you the most proud of?
To still find enough free time for my family despite my versatile, successful work.