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Currently it is not possible to book a hotel online for groups with more than 10 people. The Reasons are:

• There is a limit of 5 rooms on common travel websites (e.g.,

• Groups (more than 10 persons) are legally different from individual bookings and are therefore subject to different payment and cancellation conditions, which are not reflected on existing platforms

• Groups need service when booking and existing platforms don’t offer this (conversion without service 0,5%; with service 8%)

• Existing platforms do not get enough rooms from hotels for group bookings, because the hotels want to use them for their own requests

• Hotels want to know who is coming to their hotel but e.g. only tells the hotel the name but no further information about the groups, so the hotels refuse those bookings

• It is very tedious to find a fitting hotel on your own (~2 days)

• It quickly becomes expensive to let a local travel agent do it for you (up to 30% more)


Tripmakery developed the first online booking engine that is able to process hotel room bookings for more than 15 rooms, thereby providing an online service where groups can easily find and book their hotel. By building a unique inventory and technological infrastructure specialized for groups, Tripmakery strives to become the intermediary for every online booking platform that wants to handle groups. The vision for 2030 is to become the technological backbone for group bookings and to grow into large group travel markets like the US and China where there is a huge potential for the solution.


The travel market is one of the biggest markets in the world (EUR 6 trillion) and the online travel market is expected to reach EUR 1 trillion by 2022. The group travel market makes 10-15% of the whole travel market, so the “online” hotel booking potential for groups worldwide is around EUR 100 billion, for Europe its EUR 15-20 billion and for the DACH-region c. EUR 5-8 billion.



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