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Reasons to invest

tripmakery is the only online booking platform in the world that is primarily aimed at groups. Since it is not possible to book a hotel for more than 10 people on existing websites like “” or “Expedia”, tripmakery focuses on this lucrative niche.

With unique process automation and a strong technology background, tripmakery is the first website that can scale hotel bookings for groups. With its more than 65,000 partner hotels in Europe, tripmakery handles more than 7,000 group requests per month from school groups, companies, clubs, friends and families. This generates more than €1.2 million GMV per month with a gross margin of around 80%! In the future, tripmakery wants to make group bookings as easy as individual bookings and become the standard for group bookings.


  • Groups with more than 10 people cannot book a hotel online, as these customers are subject to different legal frameworks as well as separate payment and cancellation conditions.
  • Existing online portals (such as only have access to 10-20% of a hotel’s available rooms and thus cannot handle larger group bookings.
  • Well-known hotel booking platforms usually have little or no service capacity for cost reasons, but this is necessary to efficiently handle queries for group bookings.
  • Groups want to block offers for a certain time in order to decide on the best offer. Existing platforms cannot do this either.
  • Hotels need a dedicated person to handle group requests – this is no longer necessary with tripmakery when connected via our novel API.


  • tripmakery has created an automated process to scale group bookings. tripmakery is able to handle 7,000 group requests per month with only 2 employees.
  • tripmakery’s unique API allows groups to book directly into hotel systems, so hotels with one connection can reduce their group booking efforts by 99%. tripmakery is the first online platform in the world to offer this service.


tripmakery is the only platform in the world that offers real-time group booking. With the unique API developed over the last years, tripmakery has gained a lead of at least three years over any potential competitor. More and more hotels want to use the innovative API to automate their group processes, making tripmakery the global leader in the digitization of group travel.

Business Model

tripmakery gets 10% commission per booking from the hotels. For customers the platform is free of charge. Average booking is with 25 people for 2 nights, the basket is 4.000€ so 400€ net revenue. Gross margin is around 80%. Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) are around 80€.


Group bookings are the last major untapped market segment in the online travel industry. Group travel accounts for about 10% of the total travel market, nearly $140 billion worldwide. In Europe alone, there are more than 10 million group tours per year, all organized manually.


  • Commission volume more than tripled from 2019 to 2022.
  • January 2023: 7,000 group requests processed – 4x more than January 2022.
  • GMV (Booking Volume) p.m.: EUR 1.1m = 110k€ net revenue at monthly costs of 65k€ (calculated break-even).
  • Monthly growth approx. 10-15%.
  • Monthly GMV end of 2023: EUR 2m
  • 40% of bookings/revenue via interfaces (basis: 200 test hotels).
  • More than 1,000 hotels are in the queue, including some of the largest hotel chains in Europe.

Exit Potential

Potential buyers could be other online travel agencies looking to add group booking to their business. B2B travel agencies that want to better serve their customers or travel technology providers that want to implement and use tripmakery’s group booking technology.


Robert Sasse


Ajmal Said


Sebastian Foth

Head of IT

Monika Ebner

Head of Operations and Customer Service

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