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your gateway
into the world of startup investments

Your access to curated and innovative startup investments from € 10,000 with our business angel platform.
Gateway is known from:
Startup investments
startup investments with gateway
gateway x sparkasse
startup investments mit gateway ventures
Through joint investment (invest), mutual support and bundled expertise (contribute), founders and investors benefit from this interaction (benefit) when investing in startups with our business angel platform. With us as your venture capital partner, the exit is always in sight.


Invest privately from €10,000 in the most promising start-ups. Our experienced venture capital team will guide you through your start-up investment. With our curated start-ups, we place great value on innovation, a good business model, stable turnover and meaningful investments.


Our community has the opportunity to become actively involved in start-up deals. This allows private investors to contribute directly to the success of the startup. By participating in startup deals, members can also contribute their expertise and experience to promote the success of the startup.


Through high return potential, a focus on careful calculated risks, events and an active angel & startup community, we work to provide the best investment experience for startups, established business angels, first-time investors and family offices. Benefit with Gateway Ventures!

Current Campaigns: Innovative Startups

Discover promising deals, set course for returns and start your startup investment journey with Gateway Ventures. Discover young companies as an investment!
B, Fundraising


Revolutionizing Radiology with Deep Learning


AI-driven Video for corporates


Late Seed
Empowering Sustainable Growth: Scalable SaaS for Circular Economy Ventures

Curious? We are your gateway to the world of startup investments

Our Startup Investment Portfolio

Over 42 start-ups and more than 4.000 investors are already benefiting from Gateway Ventures.

Over the last 9 years, hundreds of our active investors have invested almost €26 million in 42+ start-ups. Our portfolio has grown in value by 175%. We enable investments in the promising European startup scene. We focus on solutions in the areas of business services, sustainability and health and invest along the seed and growth phases.

Gateway Ventures Portfolio Value

Paul Kolarik

Since I also want to make a difference for sustainability beyond entrepreneurship and new technologies and thus start-ups in this sector make sense and are important, I looked for the best partner for an investment. Gateway Ventures provides a low-threshold and uncomplicated entry into this world and offers the perfect platform for this.

Katja Ruhnke

Unternehmerin und Investorin

CK Ventures

Gateway Venture is the perfect entry point for prospective business angels, but also for experienced investors who want to benefit from a large network and professional support for their start-ups. Through Gateway Ventures it is possible to invest in promising start-ups even with smaller tickets. We are very happy with our investments through Gateway Ventures and the trustful cooperation with the entire team, especially with Managing Director Svenja Lassen.

Conny Hörl

Unternehmerin und Investorin

CK Ventures

Gateway Ventures offers me the perfect entry into the world of business angels. Many of the tasks of a business angel are taken away from you and optimally prepared. I’m only thinking of the time-consuming due diligence. The low entry fee of 10,000 euros is also a great way to get a taste of start-up life. With the FIN network, Gateway Ventures is a great place to start, especially for women.

Annette Jordan

Business Angel

Inhaberin Annette Jordan Organisationsberatung

I made my first investment with Gateway Ventures because I was very impressed by the start-up itself and because I was happy that Gateway took the legal handling (due diligence, notary) off my hands. In the meantime, I have realised that as a private investor, it is very difficult for me to gain access to larger and promising start-ups. Gateway Ventures gives me that access.
Heinz Raufer Gateway Ventures

Heinz Raufer

Business Angel, tripmakery,, flixbus

Specialization (in my case software and internet companies) is helpful in the search and evaluation of startup investments. Furthermore, in my opinion, the specific customer benefit of a product, as well as its unique selling proposition and scalability, are of special importance. I also check the “fit” of the founding team. These are the first priorities for me
Stephan berendsen Gateway Ventures

Stephan Berendsen

Business Angel

BBG Entertainment, Cuculus, SpeedScript

As an entrepreneur with my own “startups” I have already experienced 2 exits to large IT companies myself – so I also look at possible exit scenarios when making my investment, which often go hand in hand with a very good scaling of the startup – so the business model is just as decisive here and the question “how quickly can I internationalize?”. In addition, I like to work closely with the founding teams in order to provide them with my experience, especially in the first years
Eveline Steinberger Kern Gateway Ventures

Eveline Steinberger Kern

Business Angel

weXelerate, BlueMinds Group, Digital Hero

To support young teams in making their entrepreneurial ideas fly is and has always been a very meaningful task for me. I focus my investments on a specific industry, so that my startup portfolio complements each other well, but also so that meaningful synergies between the companies can be exploited. It is also nice to see that more and more women have the courage to start up. I primarily invest in projects where I can contribute my experience and know-how, thus optimizing my chances of success
We invest a lot of time in the targeted selection and examination of our start-ups in order to be able to offer investors the most promising deals
Deal Sourcing

Our Deal experts proof over 1.000
start-ups yearly from all over Europe.
Only the best 1-2% make it through
our screening process.

Deal Preparation

We handle the contractual obligations
between start-ups and our co-investors.
All the documents needed in order to
diligently assess the start-up are
transparently shared on our online platform.

Post Investment

You will regularly receive standardised
updates on the development of all your
start-up investments. Moreover, you will
be able to support the founding team through
your own personal network or expertise,
being a catalyst for growth.

Meet the founders

Personally meeting the team is decisive.
With Gateway Ventures you have the
opportunity to meet the founding team
from the comfort of your home, from
assessing the details of the deal, to directly
investing into the next big success story.

Current Events

Talks, Meetups, Webinars and much more. Discover our current events!

Stay informed

Your gateway to exciting deals, important information and innovative developments


Our answers to the most frequently asked questions from business angels, start-ups, investors and partners.
How does Gateway Ventures work?

That’s hard to answer in two sentences, but we’ll try! Our goal is that you have a great investment experience from the moment you get to know a company until you sell your shares.

For this, we select the best start-ups and often times fight to get into competitive deals with attractive co-investors.

For the approx. 12 of 1000 startups that make it through, we prepare all the necessary information, so you don’t have to go through everything. We will notify you via email of new opportunities and via the platform, you’ll be able to dive deeper into any given startup, meet the founders and invest.

Lastly, when “closing the round” we talk to the lawyers and make sure to get the fairest deal for both sides.

Once the investment is through, we are in regular contact with the start-up and you, the investors, to provide the reporting and see how both sides can continue benefiting from each other.

Do I have to pay to join Gateway Ventures?
As an investor with Gateway Ventures, you pay no membership fees, no due diligence fees, and are not required to provide capital upfront. All investment sourcing and due diligence are handled by Gateway Ventures. Only when you decide to invest do we charge fees for transactions and portfolio management.
For more information, please visit here.
Why is 10.000€ the minimum investment sum?

Our goal was to make it 10 times more accessible than a VC fund, in which you can typically start to invest with 100.000€.

Additionally, we needed to find a balance between accessibility for investors and what the startups and co-investors would accept.

We are already allowing smaller tickets if we see that your value add to the startup is large enough.

Gateway is known from:
Startup investments
startup investments with gateway
gateway x sparkasse
startup investments mit gateway ventures

Curious? We are your gateway to the world of startup investments

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