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Why invest with Gateway Ventures

Gateway Ventures takes on many of the challenges and risks that investors left to their own devices must solve independently and in a time-consuming manner.

Why invest in Start-ups?

There are many investment opportunities, from classic stock portfolios to pension real estate, securities or crypto investments.

So why invest money in startups of all things?

First of all, there is the prospect of promising returns. Unlike other forms of investment, whose returns are measured in a few percentage points, with startups you can multiply your initial capital – 10x is not uncommon. Moreover, it is fulfilling to invest directly in emerging technologies and business models long before the masses hear about them. And last but not least, the investment helps young entrepreneurs realize their ambitions and drives innovative ideas that efficiently impact lives and the environment.

Since returns on startup investments are predominantly determined by a few successes, access to the best deals is not only crucial, but necessary!

Why invest with gateway Ventures?


By investing together (invest), supporting each other and bundling expertise (contribute), founders and investors benefit from this interaction.

We bring innovation and investors together and enable direct access to start-up investments. We identify and screen the best ideas and enable our exclusive network to provide a worry-free investment experience with added value. 

Our more than 36 portfolio start-ups prove that Gateway is not only a sought-after investor that start-ups want to work with, but also a trustworthy partner that ensures sustainable success with knowledge and network. 

Deal Flow and Quality

For a successful start-up investment it is necessary to have access to the best deals. Through our broad international network, we get access to the best deals even before they are available to others.

Our highly motivated team conducts our due diligence quickly and transparently, ensuring the highest quality of our investments. There are no costs for this due diligence, neither for the start-up nor for the investor.

Deal Flow and screening
Business Angel Network

Strong network

Depending on your preference, we allow you to bring in your personal expertise and strengths and use them directly for the growth of your start-up investment. We also provide the structure for you to get to know your co-investors.

Investing in startups is a very personal endeavor. Therefore, it is all the more important for us to connect you with others in order to further expand your own network. Therefore we offer to get to know your co-investors. 


For a clean cap table, we bundle investor:s via our trustee company, thus facilitating follow-up financing. Furthermore, it is also possible to clean up an existing cap table.

This enables us to simplify the administration between the investors and the company. The trustee is subject to the law on limited liability companies in Austria (“GmbH-Gesetz”). Legally, the Trustee acquires the shares in the Company for the account of the investors (the “Trustor”). Voting is based on the majority principle. 

The use of the trustee simplifies the investment process so that investor:s do not all have to be present at the notary at the same place and time.

pooling of investors
FIN - Female Investors Network - Gateway Ventures

Female Investors Network (FIN)

Our future needs innovations and these in turn need female perspectives. But there are still far too few women active as investors, business angels or even founders – and that is precisely why Gateway Ventures launched the Female Investors Network to change this and empower women to make an impact.

With the launch of FIN in 2020, we were the first to promote female investors in the startup scene. We are still the only platform that offers a targeted contact point for women and thus explicitly advocates for more diversity in the startup scene.