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Co-investments alongside professional startup investors (VC funds, Institutional Investors) are a vital pillar of our business. 

Why invest with Gateway?

Pooling of Investors

Pooling of investors via the Gateway Trustee provides for a clean cap table to ease follow-on financing rounds. It is also possible to clean-up an existing cap table.

No Due Diligence costs

Gateway Ventures conducts its DD internally, swiftly (1-2 weeks) and transparently, thereby not causing any additional costs for Startups.

Investor centered fee model

Gateway's fee model is purely success based (financial close) and charged mainly from investors.

Deal validation

Deal validation through a large cohort of private investors, providing real market feedback on the attractiveness of a deal.

Strong Network support

Gateway actively links founders to (their) investors to catalyse the growth of startups.

Additional Liquidity

Additional liquidity provider to close a potential financing gap (co-investments) and also to mitigate investment risks.

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