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Electromobility is an important pillar for CO2 reduction and thus for climate protection. E-cars are one of the biggest boom markets of the next few years.

However, the purchase decision for electric cars is significantly more complex, as more decision criteria play a role. This often leads to consumers being overwhelmed.

Each potential buyer has different requirements for electric mobility and therefore needs an e-mobility package tailored to his or her needs. This increases the need for advice enormously.


e-mobilio has developed a digital 360-degree consulting solution as a SaaS white label solution, with the help of which those interested in e-cars can easily, quickly and securely configure and directly order their personal e-mobility package – consisting of an e-car, charging solution, installation, subsidy, electricity switch, etc..

In this way, the end customer receives the e-mobility solution that is optimally tailored to his needs, where he can also purchase all components directly. The B2B customers (car dealer groups, OEMs and insurance companies) who license the SaaS solution benefit from additional revenue opportunities.

  • Unique digital e-mobility purchasing advice as a one-stop shop for end customers, the car trade and company fleets.
  • The technological core of the solution is the digital assistant, the matching algorithm and e-commerce tools.


Advantages of the whitelabel solution for car dealers / OEMs / insurance companies

  • Full-service offer for end customers in the field of electromobility
  • Increased advisory competence in the field of electromobility – also for sales staff
  • Increased sales of e-vehicles through better advice
  • Development of additional sales potential beyond e-car sales through participation of the B2B customer in the generated commission revenues for charging stations, etc.

Business Model

Partner dealers integrate e-mobilio’s SaaS solution, the digital e-purchase advice, into their website and pay a monthly licence fee.

Furthermore, e-mobilio supplies additional products such as wallboxes or installation services, which the dealers can offer in addition. The dealers participate in the sales by means of commission. This results in a win-win-win situation for customers, car dealers and e-mobilio.


  • Driven by a boom in electromobility and changes in legislation, the market is growing significantly.
  • Scaling potential in the car trade, among others – Increasing transaction revenues through more customers, market ramp-up and economies of scale. In addition, new markets such as insurance.


  • already around 25% market share in the German car trade in the first two years
  • 350 b-t-b customers with 400+ websites and 1500 locations are already licensees
  • € 1.25 million contractually guaranteed licence revenues YTD (ARR as of July 2023)
  • € 1.5 m transaction revenue YTD (as of July 2023)

Exit Potential

Sale to

  • a strategic investor in the e-mobility sector or ordinary automotive group looking to buy in sustainable expertise
  • Large automotive house


Reasons for an investment

  • E-mobility is a megatrend that will dominate the automotive market in the next 10 years.
  • 1 year to become market leader on the German market
  • Sales growth of 600% – (Jan 22 to May 23)
  • Customers like Toyota & Stellantis have fully integrated e-mobilio (more than 350 B2B customers in total).
  • Lead investor Set-Ventures offers huge opportunities for growth and further funding rounds (Series B+C).


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Denis Reichel


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