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Real estate companies devote 50% of their time to communicating with different stakeholders such as tenants, owners, developers and service providers (craftsmen, installers, etc.).
Lack of efficient, user-friendly and modern digital solutions for real estate companies (current “management” mainly via Excel lists & and antiquated software solutions).
High staff turnover and little to no control over processes.


iDWELL is a cloud-based CRM (“Customer Relationship Management”) platform that was developed specifically for the real estate industry and centrally connects all stakeholders with it. It integrates several communication channels in one platform and helps to reduce costs through automation. A state-of-the-art app for tenants and owners is linked to the Employee Cockpit, as well as a sophisticated and highly flexible ticketing system for real estate companies.


The target market is property management companies, property developers, as well as insurance brokers and facility management companies. In the entire EU market, there are 256 million private residential units, which are mainly managed by 1 million private real estate companies. The market has already brought successful exits to a number of companies in this segment (such as: Flowfact, which was sold for around 80 million in 2014).

Covid Impact:

3 months of lockdown were the best sales months in the company’s young history
March: EUR 58K; April: EUR 55K; May: EUR 57K

the lockdown revealed the low level of digitalisation in the target market
B2B sales cycles shortened drastically (from 8 to 2 weeks)



Our Dealcaptain is happy to answer further questions.

Markus Kainz