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Peptides (short amino acid chains) are promising active ingredients for applications in the fields of

Care products (e.g. anti-aging),
Food & beverages (e.g. flavours, preservation)
Animal husbandry (e.g. antibiotic substitutes)
and agriculture (e.g. fungicides, fertiliser substitutes).
Traditional production methods are not able to produce peptides in the required purity levels and at affordable prices due to lack of scalability.



mk2 Biotechnologies has developed a patented process that enables the scalable and cost-efficient production of high-purity peptides for mass market applications.

This innovative and scalable process eliminates the current bottlenecks of traditional synthesis methods and makes it possible to fully meet the high quality requirements while drastically reducing production costs. This means that peptides can be used for the first time in volume markets such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food & beverages and agriculture.

Similar to the BioNTech mRNA platform, mk2 Biotechnologies will be able to flexibly develop and produce peptides to address the known challenges of today as well as the yet unknown ones of tomorrow.


Global market potential of € 36 bn for target peptides (from 15 – 100+ amino acid lengths). Split between personal care (€ 6.1 bn), pharma (€ 13.3 bn), agriculture (€ 9.4 bn), food and beverage (€ 6.8 bn), academic R&D (€ 360 mn). CAGRs for all markets are estimated at 10% p.a.

The entry market is mainly personal care products (including cosmetics) as it is a niche market with low regulatory hurdles and high margins can be achieved due to high prices.



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Judith Vogel