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Proxima Fusion

Munich, DE
Closing: July 2023

Fusion will be one of the greatest breakthroughs of this century. As a source of clean, abundant and safe energy, fusion will complement renewables, providing reliable base-load electricity and heat. Proxima Fusion is working to deliver fusion power plants via optimized stellarators, devices that form magnetic cages for high-energy matter.

Proxima is the first-ever spin-out company from the Max Planck Society Institute for Plasma Physics, which built and operates the most advanced stellarator on the planet, W7-X. Research over the past decade has now set the stage for Proxima to leverage modern optimization tools and design capabilities to reach economically viable fusion energy. With W7-X reaching high-performance in continuous operation, uniquely among fusion concepts, Proxima Fusion is catalyzing the creation of a new fusion ecosystem in Germany.

Connecting partners from industry and academia, the Proxima Fusion founding team, coming together from the Max Planck Society, MIT and Google, is now entering the race for fusion energy to turn stellarators into economically viable fusion power plants.

This website is the gateway to investment pooling for Proxima Fusion (invitation-only by the founders).

The Team

Francesco Sciortino

CEO & Co-Founder

Lucio Milanese

COO & Co-Founder

This document is non-binding preliminary information that provides an initial impression of the financing options offered. Neither this document nor the statements made by us in this context can be a sufficient basis for a financing decision. Investors should examine the possible investments themselves. Responsibility based on own analysis. This document does not constitute a sales prospectus, a public offer of an investment, an invitation to submit an offer, investment advice or investment brokerage. In providing this information, we make no representations, warranties or other contractual or quasi-contractual obligations, including with respect to the completeness, content or accuracy of the information reproduced in this document. This document is to be treated confidentially and may not be reproduced in whole or in part, passed on to third parties or published.

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