Digital Economy


The B2B distribution process within the food industry has been expensive, analogue and inefficient for decades.

Food manufacturers traditionally visit retailers in person to market their products. This means long travel times, high costs and low scalability.

Solution is the first digital solution that directly connects manufacturers and retailers (Edeka, Rewe, etc.).

With, manufacturers can market their entire product portfolio in a targeted manner and directly to retailers without having to travel across the country.

With one click, information and offers are sent directly to the individual retailers. Ideal for securing placements, increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers.

This makes not only up to 80% cheaper, but also significantly faster (c.100x).


Food retailing is one of the largest markets in the world. In the EU alone there are around 3.8 million points of sale and more than 1 million manufacturers and suppliers. Of these, around 80k points of sale and 30k manufacturers and suppliers are located in Germany.



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Lin Liu