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Swarm Analytics


Swarm Analytics has developed a technology that intelligently evaluates and interprets camera footage to facilitate e.g. traffic surveys, efficiently manage parking spaces or measure customer flows in retail. The latter in particular has come increasingly into the public focus in times of pandemics.


The future of smart cities, smart mobility and smart living relies on real-time data.

However, obtaining usable information from current control technologies (cameras, sensors) is slow, expensive and unreliable.


Swarm Analytics’ proprietary AI solution transforms commercially available cameras into intelligent sensors. This enables real-time data extraction from video streams using a plug-play computer vision device. The software works on the device and analyses the data without collecting private information.

Use cases include:

Traffic surveys in cities,
customer frequency measurements for retail
and efficient car park management.


The smart traffic camera market is estimated at $10bn in 2019, growing to $25bn by 2030, with Europe being the largest market.

The video analytics market is expected to grow from $1.5bn to $4bn from 2020 to 2025. Europe is the best target market for GDPR-compliant video analytics such as Swarm, estimated at $1bn.



Our Dealcaptain is happy to answer further questions.

Marie Friebus