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Digital Economy


Industrial assets often feature fragmented, hard-to-access paper documentation. Everyday tasks like finding the right maintenance document for a machine become a real pain. With checklists and incident reports spread across diverse platforms, establishing clear asset traceability is a whole other challenge. Such inefficiencies not only escalate capital and operational costs for businesses but also lead to significant time wasted for employees. Based on data from Forbes, this results in € 18 billion of daily efficiency losses for companies.


TicTap combines an online platform, with offline labels (QR/NFC-based tags), to achieve market-leading value add and customer satisfaction, which is proven by a 0% churn rate since 2022. Also, it is super easy to implement, thanks to their open accessibility approach, which results in companies NOT needing to change existing infrastructure.


Industrial Manufacturers, distribution companies, maintenance companies. For its initial focus, TicTAP estimates its TAM (Total Addressable Market) with € 29.1 million companies in the US and Europe alone. The SAM in Europe is estimated to be at least € 10 billion yearly.

Additionally four million companies will be affected by EU-Regulation requiring them to digitize their instructions and safety informations, yielding a potential Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) of over € 4 billion yearly.


Startup TicTAP team member Jordi
Jordi Breda


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Guillermo Ferrer Moregó



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