Pre Series-A

Digital Economy

Closing: March 2023

What speaks for an investment

Growth: monthly Revenue (MRR) tripled in 2022
Forecast: Full pipeline (945 inquiries from companies)
Timing: New sales partnership with DATEV (!)
Security: Profitable even without investment in Q4 ’23
Co-investors: among others top investor Heinz Raufer (Flixbus)


Lawyers, tax consultants, agencies, IT companies. They all record time for projects and customers. Although employee time is their most important resource, they usually have to rely on their gut feeling for planning and billing – which not only costs them revenue, but also capacity. The reason is an open secret: times are poorly recorded.

  • According to surveys, a halfway realistic recording costs 10-40 min. daily.
  • According to the study, despite this effort, the accuracy is only 36-67%.


timeBro automatically records all programs that are being worked with and displays the workday as a timeline – so employees can see at a glance how long they have been working on which projects.


  • Offline tool, i.e. no data is stored in the cloud. This means that there are no data protection issues and monitoring is impossible.
  • Employees save ~75% effort for time recording. That’s an average of 6 working days per person per year.
  • Time tracking accuracy is increased up to 95%, enabling revenue and capacity optimization.
  • Seamless API integration with existing infrastructure. So there is no need to change the ERP software used so far.

Business Model

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) with subscription model (3/12/24 months).
  • Three product variants: Basic/Connect/Premium (10€-30€).


  • TAM: €34.6 billion/year | SAM: €12.6 billion/year | SOM: €10.6 billion/year
  • Customers in over 50 industries | Top 3 (approx. 50%) = law firms, agencies, IT teams


  • Growth (MRR) 2022 = 204%.
  • CAC:LTV = 1:4
  • Over 2,900 B2B customers in 78 countries
  • 945 inquiries from companies wanting to integrate timeBro
  • Series A in Q3 ’23 – or break-even in Q4 ’23

Exit Potential

The exit is preprogrammed. Two serious M&A offers were received in 2022 alone. Due to its add-on character and global distribution, timeBro is on the radar of many private equity firms in USA, UK and DACH. Because any major ERP or project software in the world would immediately upgrade their time tracking and would have strategic advantages as well as huge upselling potential through an acquisition.


Arne Reimann


Mislav Boras - TimeBro CTO - Gateway Ventures
Mislav Boras

Head of IT

Niclas Pre
Niclas Preisner


Bastian Brodbeck

Head of Dev

Investment Terms

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