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According to the Harvard Business Review, companies lose huge amounts of money due to inaccurate project time tracking. In the US alone, this means 7.4 billion per day in lost revenue. The two main reasons are:

Employees forget what they worked on: 33-64% of time is not recorded or ends up on the wrong projects (Time is money study).
99% of all solutions are based on manual time recording (Excel, ERP software, stopwatch software) and require continuous effort


timeBro’s Activity Tracking automatically records the activities of each employee and helps them to continuously improve their performance. The data is recorded offline. This gives employees the security of knowing that their activities cannot be monitored.

API integration with ERP software systems: timeBro exports all times to the desired software with one click (already 17 partnerships with ERP systems)
The only provider that guarantees that no one but the employees can see their data, as it is recorded and stored locally.
Accuracy: All times can be remembered and booked to the second – the system simply works – “Plug & Play”.


Global spending in the ERP market exceeds EUR 40 billion annually and is growing by 8%-10% annually due to ongoing digitalisation.

The number of potential users in the DACH region alone amounts to 3.4 million – of which ~99% still record times manually.


Arne Reinman -
Mislav Boras - TimeBro CTO - Gateway Ventures
Niclas Pre
Bastian Brodbeck - TimeBro Head of Dev - Gateway Ventures


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