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Digital Economy


Every CEO wants to influence his company, focus it and encourage all employees to live strategic aspects. Employees should and can influence how the company as a whole acts and is perceived externally in order to achieve MORE. To date, there is no reliable, scalable solution to achieve this goal. Ultimately, everything that is offered either ends with the instruction, “Just do it – Just execute the plan”, or in complex traffic light systems and large-scale training programmes. Both are of limited help to a company and rarely sustainable.


Weffect is not based on endless management KPIs, but aims to enable every employee to take immediate responsibility and action. Weffect is a corporate network with a clear thematic focus. It enables management to reliably stimulate the behaviour of employees and shows on a daily basis which parts of the company contribute how much to strategy implementation and how high the contribution to results already achieved is. Instead of or in addition to projects and workshops, Weffect enables every employee in the company to participate in its direct and visible influence within four weeks, regardless of the size of the company. Examples show that a large part of the workforce is happy to participate. Why? Because people like to influence when it is seen and rewarded with recognition! Weffect works on any device and can be used by any employee without any learning process.


25% of employees set success contributions on a monthly basis, up to 60% collaborate on an annual basis, 100% “get” what the company “wants”.



Our Dealcaptain is happy to answer further questions.

Markus Kainz