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Markus Kainz

CEO & Founder
Markus Kainz is the founder and CEO of Gateway Ventures. He leads the management and corporate strategy and is himself a passionate business angel and start-up mentor. Markus has been active as an entrepreneur and startup investor for more than 15 years and is eager to share his knowledge and experience with other investors.
Start-up Investments
start-ups founded

Markus's FAQs

Your advice to first-time investors?
As in any investment class such as real estate or stocks, the people with the most experience and a strong network will be the most successful in startup investing. Therefore, you should not be fooled by a great story, but learn from experienced business angels what to look for before investing in a startup. Professional startup investing and transparent knowledge transfer around startup investing were the reasons why I founded Gateway Ventures.
How does the future of start-up investing look like?
n the USA, especially in Silicon Valley, an ecosystem was built up 40 years ago to provide a breeding ground for innovations and startups. It is precisely these startups from back then that now make up the majority of the world’s most successful companies. In Europe, we have only been building this ecosystem for 10 years, so I think we will see a strong increase in innovation and startups in the coming decades. I am convinced that in time the professional players will also catch on and make startup investing an attractive asset class.
What is your greatest skill?
try to learn something from each person every day and to become better. So I always reach my goal sooner or later.