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Thomas Weidner

Venture Partner
Thomas Weidner works in the field of digital business since 1999. He has extensive experience across a diverse range of companies, in numerous roles including the CEO of a mobile business start-up, executive management positions in multinational IT firms and a Board membership of a publicly listed company (eBusiness Holding). He is currently focussing on advisory in digital transformation, customer value management, sales and business innovation and also active as angel. His main interests are: Start up-Driven-Innovation, Customer Value Management, Artificial Intelligence, Agile methodologies, Leadership 4.0, creation of long-term business partnerships and how to manage the “War for Talents” and further scalable growth
years of experience in growth and innovation
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Thomas's FAQs

What is your greatest skill?
To stay curious – to be passionate – and never stop learning
Your advice to new founders?
Try to collaborate and to work together with the best people and personalities you can attract. Persistence and a strong vision are key: fail fast – fail early – fail cheap
Why Gateway Ventures?
From a business perspective: convincing and unique combination of innovative investment platform and powerful community And: cool people with a great vision