Digital Economy


Restaurants do not buy their goods in the supermarket, but order from food wholesalers. Today, this ordering process is still done by fax and answering machine, as there is no uniform digital solution for this, and is thus labour- and time-intensive as well as error-prone.


Orderlion is an out-of-the-box cloud-based online ordering platform for wholesalers that allows restaurants, hotels and large businesses to easily order food online in seconds with complete end-to-end integration into existing software environments.


The food wholesale market is one of the world’s largest economies, moving € 2.000 billion of goods every year.

Digitising this fractured industry leads to a € 700 billion market opportunity, with:

  • 360.000 suppliers in the EU alone
  • 160.000 suppliers in the US

…leading to a Total Addressable Market of: EUR 15.6 billion and SOM of EUR 1.7 billion


Stefan Strohmer

CEO & Co-Founder

Patrick Schubert

CTO & Co-Founder


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Markus Kainz