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Positive Carbon is very successful in combating food waste in the restaurant industry with their solution.
Using modern scanners and artificial intelligence, restaurants are able to visualize how much food they use and which ends up in the trash.


  • 1.3 billion tonnes of food are thrown away each year. This is one-third of all foods and contributes to 10% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Reducing food waste is the single greatest solution to remove Co2 from the atmosphere
  • After consumers, Food service organisations are the second-largest creators of food waste
  • Commercial kitchens spend up to € 350,000 on wasted foods


Positive Carbon’s vision is to bring effective food waste monitoring to kitchens across the world to reduce their food waste and make a positive impact on the planet.

Their patented food waste scanner sits above any bin and monitors and tracks the weight, volume, and food that goes into the bin

The solution works in three steps – detect, log and analyse:

  • Scan – The food waste scanner autonomously measures the volume, weight, and time of what goes into the bin
  • AI labeling – machine learning determines what food goes into the bin
  • Works In Any Kitchen – The food waste scanner is designed to work in any kitchen and front of the house.
  • Fully automated – operates with no manual data entry

Recent Developments:

  • API Capture – the system directly integrates with a company’s inventory system, allowing for waste calculation through sales and invoice data with zero staff interaction


  • Food waste management is growing 20-25% per annum and will be worth € 60 billion by 2025
  • Total market € 30 billion (target market € 662 million)
  • Regulation is driving adoption through legally binding targets to reduce food waste across the EU, by end 2023, following the first EU-wide monitoring of food waste levels.
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