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Vitrealab - Gateway Ventures




Electronic displays are the biggest drain on the battery life of most mobile devices today. Current displays (Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) and LCD) suffer from:

low energy efficiency: only 1-2% (the rest is emitted as heat)
poor colour quality: with most LCD displays
lack of contrast: conventional LCD displays have low contrast
low brightness: crucial in sunlight


VitreaLab is developing next-generation laser-illuminated displays to revolutionise the display market and even enable holographic displays. The result is a novel LCD backlight technology with up to 5 times higher energy efficiency (80% reduction), greatly improved contrast, and reduced device thickness.

The main area of application is initially high-end smartphones, as these benefit particularly from the increased energy efficiency, higher brightness and improved colour spectrum. VitreaLab’s technology achieves a 60-250% increase in brightness while maintaining the same energy consumption. This ensures significantly better readability in sunlight.



The total market for electronic displays is about $140 billion. LCDs are the leading technology with a share of about 80%. Backlighting accounts for about 20% of display costs. This results in a market size of about $22 billion for backlighting alone.


Vitrealab Co-Managing Director Gateway Ventures
Vitrealab Co-Managing Director - Gateway Ventures


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