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Svenja Lassen

Managing Director Germany
In addition, of promoting sustainable innovations in particular, one of Svenja’s biggest goals is informing more women about startup investments, getting them excited about this form of economic influence and lowering the inhibition threshold for entering startup investing. Also, because more female investors will increase the number of female founders and impact investments. For this reason, Svenja launched the Female Investors Network (FIN) at primeCROWD in 2020 and initiated the Mission #25to25 with the goal of 25% women in the startup-scene until 2025. Furthermore, she started to offer the FIN Academy in 2022 to share the basic knowledge for Female Business Angels to be.
years of experience in the media industry
events for female founders and investors

Svenja's FAQs

Your advice to first-time investors?
As always in life: search for the right peergroup and network. It helps a lot when you get in exchange with like-minded people – especially when you are starting something new. So be open, curious, ask questions and don’t be afraid that other investors know more – we all benefit from each other if everyone is bringing in his or her personal experience.
Biggest challenge in the investment sector?
Diversity. So many innovations and investments lack the female perspective, and there are still too few women in VCs and active as business angel. So every VC, network, business angel club and institution should ask themselves what they can do to invite more women to join in and to search for female founders and mixed teams to support.
he biggest benefit of start-up investment?
Active and positive influence on our future. In contrast to f.e. shares, with a startup investment you can personally contribute to the promotion and success of a company. And in this way, you can help to promote the issues that are crucial to our economy and society – whether environmental protection, health, education or equal opportunities.